Book Review – Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

Finally. I finally finished a f***ing book.

I have been in the biggest reading slump for over three months now, and I finally managed to finish a book.

And not just any book. An E. Lockhart book.

E. Lockhart is always fun. Her books are so weird and intense, the second you pick one up, you don’t put it down until you finish it. And thank god they’re short as well. It always takes me between 2-4 days to read an E. Lockhart book. They’re fast paced, and even if they’re not, they’re so intriguing you just have to keep turning the pages (until there are no more pages to turn)…


I’ll admit – I only read We Were Liars before, and I read it in 4 days sitting on the couch and turning pages like crazy, needing to understand what’s going on. But Genuine Fraud book was so much better. It’s an E. Lockhart book, so I won’t summarize it, because, well… E. Lockhart. But I will tell you, this book will make you fly through it. It is also so short you can read it in one sitting.

So yeah, I flew through it without even taking a break to pee. It was thrilling, fast paced, interesting, everything you need to pull you out of a reading slump, basically.

I highly recommend it to anybody who’s thinking that they’re never gonna finish a book again in their life because maybe they’re just not readers anymore. I promise you, this book will save you.

I give Genuine Fraud 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Off to the next book (now I believe I can read books again)- Starflight!

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What Is A Holiday Without Sinai? Reading Books on the Beach and Catching Crabs

What’s a holiday without Sinai? For me it is definitely not a holiday. 

When I was a kid, until I was five, my parent would take us to Sinai every year for Shavuot. Now, years later, we finally got back here for Rosh Hashanah. 

It brings back many memories. But mostly it brings back memories or hunting crabs every night until we got tired. Yesterday my cousin took my younger sister and they caught a big one together. She was very scared of it and I was laughing my ass off. 

At the age of five I wasn’t old enough to appreciate just relaxing on the beach with a book, but now I’m old enough and smart enough to understand that Sinai is the perfect place to finish one or five books in two days. 

The beach is beautiful, the sun is warm but it’s not too hot outside, and after an afternoon nap, you can take out a book and read for hours on end at the beach. 

In the picture below I’m still reading Ruby Red, but I undersood that I’d like to read a book with a more suitable vibe, so I picked up Exit West. 

I missed Sinai so much, and I love it here as much as I missed it here. 

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Life Update: Moving Out, Meeting Friends and New Books

I moved out. I moved out of my house and out of my Kibbutz for the first time in my life, and I have to be honest, after my cat, the hardest goodbye was to my books (sorry mom and dad). 

Leaving behind over 200 books, I packed eight into my backpack, put some clothes in it too, and left home. 

On August 27 I got to the Green Village – a boarding school/day school/anything you can think about. I don’t have many friends here, so my mom’s former coworker suggested her family adopt me. I was a bit confused when my real mom announced I have a new sister, but whatever. 

So Monday evening I went to visit them for the first time. They were super nice and made me feel like I really am from the family. And the best part is- they are all readers. Both my new sisters were glad to lend me some of their books to make me feel more at home.

Enough babbling. Here are the books they lent me:

1. The F*** It List by Julie Halpern 

2. Audry, Wait! By Robin Benway 

3. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

4. The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman

5. Sipu (Unfinished Story) by Yuval Elbashan

6. Zuto: The Adventures of a Computer Virus by Udi Aharoni 

So I wanna say thank you to the family that so kindly adopted me, and to my sisters for lending me all these books. I truly love you. 

And I’m gonna quickly add in the three books I bought myself: 

And.. that’s it!

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A Special Book Recommendation…

As you know, I recently visited England, specifically Wales. At the end of the vacation in Wales, I left my family for a night to spend it with my best friends: Izzy and Hannah.
Me, Izzy and Hannah have been friends for years now, but I have only met Hannah before. Now that I got to meet Izzy, I got to learn about her love for books and how similar our taste in books is. So Iz, these are a few books (or a specific author, if you’d like) that really make me think of you.


Those of you who have been reading my blog for long enough know about my love for Andrew Smith, and you now might be wondering why his books make me think of Izzy.

Iz is a very funny person, first of all (which is something she and Andrew Smith books have in common…) and she is kind of quirky. Andrew Smith himself is a very quirky author. His books are always weird in some way, but they’re always relateable. They also have very good representation of the LGBTQ+ community, which I think would make Iz happy as she is a lesbian.

Iz, the specific book I recommend to you is 100 Sideways Miles. It’s one of my favorite books in the world and I am connected to it in so many ways. It’s such a funny and strange book and it reminds me of you in it’s weirdness (in a good way oc).

Anyway, this was a short and shitty recommendation post inspired by one of my best friends. Love you.


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Wales Book Haul! (Also, books I’m taking with me when I leave home)

Here’s the deal: books in Wales are freaking cheap. Like, a book in Israel can cost between 80-90 shekels, while a book in Wales cost me about 40 to 50 shekels. That’s a big difference. 

So of course I had to buy a ton of books. 

So these are all the books I got in my nine days in Wales and London. I was so happy with all the cute bookstores in Wales because in Israel we only have two kinds of bookstores.

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From the Pyrenees to Barcelona, all of us in one boat

So here I am, now after nine days of the craziest, scariest and most exciting trip in my life.

As I told you, I went on a trip with my entire class from the Kibbutz and three other Kibbutzs to Spain.

We had… I’d call it a spacial week. We had hikes and we had mountains, we had cities and villages, we had highs, and we had lows. But there was not one moment I want to forget.

You may remember I wrote about taking the book Three in a Boat with me but let me tell you what happened to it:

We took the longest hike, to the top of a mountain, to sleep in a cabin, all 45 of us in one room. The way up was fantastic. Beautiful, magical, even romantic for some of us.

(This is the view from the cabin)

And then, on the next day we start going down. Now, of course I had a book with me cause what is a book lover without a book? But then, I feel the drizzle start. And then, I feel it get stronger. It ended up being the biggest and longest thunder storm I had ever seen. It caught us all by surprise. No one was ready. We hiked down 700 meters in the freezing rain, drenched down to our bones.

(morning in the cabin)

We got down finally, but my book was completely ruined. Drenched, torn spine and the pages stuck together. I knew I couldn’t continue reading it.

So the first thing I did when we got to Andorra la Vella was find myself a book store.

And that’s how I ended up reading Sleeping Giants. Of course that the fact that it says on the front that it’s “this year’s The Martian” only helps.

This is a picture from my last morning in Barcelona. A morning full of sad and happy tears. I can’t wait to finish this book and hold it close to my heart for all the memories I created with it on my trip to Spain.

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17 In A Boat in the Pyrenees

I have been absent lately. But believe me, I got a GREAT excuse. I am taking a trip with my entire class to Spain. 

We are travelling in the Pyrenees, Andorra and Barcelona. 

How’s it been so far? Incredible. We are becoming even better friends than we were before (and believe me, it’s hard when you’re together for 18 years.) 

This is our breaking apart vacation. It’s all organized by our youth leaders. 

Why am I telling you all of that? Well, besides the fact that I wanna share with you everything I can about my life, I wanna tell you what book I took with me. 

I wanted a book about traveling with friends. So I chose the book Three in a boat. 

So far it’s pretty helarious, and very relatable for me. 

Anyways, I’ll try writing some more soon, but I’ll be travelling so much for the next couple of weeks, I can’t promise much.