I love annotating my books. I like writing in them, I like marking my favorite lines, I like drawing in them. But I have this friend who keeps cringing whenever she sees my annotated books. And I was wondering, why?

I used to keep my books in perfect condition- no broken spine for me. But as I grew as a reader, I started thinking. Why does it bother me so much how my books look? And then I started writing in them.

To me, annotations in books are a way of showing that the book is loved. It’s writing your opinion on a certain scene that occured in the book. It’s making funny jokes along the lines of the books. It’s making the book something you loved and read.

I feel like my annotations are my way of taking care of my books. Instead of making sure they stay in perfect condition, with no tears, no dog ears, no broken spine, I write and dog ear and break the spine and make sure everyone sees how much I loved the book.


(BTW- I in no way am saying that people who like their books in perfect condition are wrong to like them like that! Books are like coffee, everyone loves them a bit differently.)

2 thoughts on “ANNOTATING BOOKS- Opinion

  1. Amir says:

    before paper was a common commodity, everyone used to annotate their books. Thomas Jefferson was famous for it, and he donated his library to Congress. all his books were well-loved, as you put it so well.

    Another thing that was common was a journal specifically for copying out favorite quotes.

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