DNFing Books

Nobody likes DNFing books, everybody does that. I, lately, have DNFd countless books. Most of the books I DNF, I usually give away.

So here are the books I recently DNFd.

#1 Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness


To be honest, I DNFd this book soooooooo long ago, but I only recently came to that realization. I loved the first two books in this series so much I read them back to back, but to this third one I just couldn’t get into. I don’t even remember what happened in it anymore. I just remember trying and trying and trying to read it and just never finishing it.

#2 Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner


I have no idea what this book is about. I got it when I was in London because the blurb made it sound super intresting. I’ll be honest, this book was written good, if weird. But the story- the story was just too weird for me. I didn’t understand anything that was happening in it. At some point I sat down with the book and opened it and after a couple of pages I just said “That’s it. I don’t understand anything.

#3 Blood Promise by Richelle Mead


I am so upset about this one, because I absolutely adored the first three books in the series. But this one was just… not good. It was quite clear from the way things ended in the third book that with this one we were coming to a dead end, but I did not expect that dead end to be spread on to 400 pages. I just got bored so quickly, and found some part so disturbing, that I couldn’t read on.

#4 Demon Road by Derek Landy


This one was nice in the beggining. I even liked it very much. But it was very problometic now that I look back at it. It was clear that the female main character was written by a man- and was written badly. She was so much what men EXPECT women to be, I felt like Derek Landy was sitting there and telling me I am not enough of a women myself. I was very disappointed.

#5 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


This one is another case of “I DNFd it ages ago but didn’t understand until now”. Maybe I was just too young, maybe I wasn’t in the mood, but something in this book missed me. It took me almost a month to get through the first 200 pages, and at some point I just put it down, and never picked it up again.


Whatt books have you DNFd lately?


I’ll be giving away\donating all of these books, so if anyone wants any, you are welcome to contact me. There are more books I’ll be giving away, and if you want to see them comment down below and I’ll do an unhaul post!


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