Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Isreali Holocaust Remembrance Day. As a Jewish teen in 2017 Israel, I’m not sure how I feel about this day.

So I’m gonna tell you about today through the eyes of a Book Thief.


I grew up in a country where the Holocaust is something that’s happened to us. It’s happened to your grandpa, to your best friend’s grandma, it happened to someone you know. But I never felt connected to the Holocaust until I started reading books.

I learned that books don’t have to be written directly about the Holocaust to teach us  how it affected the world. And I learned that books don’t have to be written from a Jewish point of view to show us how people felt at the time.

One of my favorite books is called Blood Brothers. It’s about a group of poor and homeless teens just before the Nazi rise in Germany. This book is not written directly about the Holocaust, but about how the conditions in Germany after WWI, and between the wars, have affected and brought to the rise of Nazi Germany. It teaches us how dangerous being desperate can be.

Another great book about the Holocaust is The Book Thief. This book is the story of friendship between a Jewish guy and a non-Jewish girl. I feel very connected to this one because, as I said before, I find it hard to connect to the Holocaust until I look at it through the eyes of someone who’s been through it, like Liesel did.


(pictured: Blood Brothers by Ernest Haffner)

These books are how I connect to Holocaust Remembrance Day. They are how I can see and feel what the rest of my people are feeling. And I am thankful for them.



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