Like all readers: I can’t choose my favorite author. So here’s a short list of my top five favorite and\or most owned authors.

#1 Sarah J. Maas with 9 books


It’s easy to own a gazillion books by Sarah J. Maas. Because she has a gazillion of them. I, in my case, own nine, which is the most books I own by an author. Maas also happens to be my favorite fantasy author. I love Maas’ writing. I am aware her books could be a bit problometic, but I just can’t look at a Sarah J. Maas book I haven’t read and not get it.

Who else is dying to get their hands on ACOWAR?

#2 Cassandra Clare with also 9 books


Surprise! I also have a gazillion books by Cassandra Clare! She is the author that got me into YA books. I remember finishing Twilight back in 2012 and just needing a similar book, and mom got me City of Bones and ever since then, I am a reader. Cassie is my favorite author of all time, and I just can’t resist a good Shadowhunters novel.

#3 James Dashner with 8 books


James Dashner is what I call “my author friend”. These are the authors who I would buy any book they’ll ever put out. I own the entire Maze Runner trilogy twice and the first book of The Mortality Doctrine. I am so connected to these books. Fun story. When I was in 9th grade I only owned a copy of the first book, The Maze Runner, in hebrew and the rest of them were in english, and when my aunt asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for a copy of The Maze Runner in english. She ended up getting me the entire series again. I never told her that, so if you’re seeing this Tessa, thank  you!

#4 Marissa Meyer with 6 books


Of course I own many books by Marissa Meyer, since The Lunar Chronicles series continues on and on and on and on and I’m completely happy with it. I bought Scarlet and Cress when I was only a hundred pages into Cinder and I preordered Winter the second it was available. I got Fairest and Stars Above when I finally found them in a book store around here. And that’s how Marissa Meyer became one of my top five most owned authors.

#5 Pittacus Lore (or James Fray) with 5 books


I got the entire Lorien Legacies series in different editions. I have been a fan of this series for so long, ever since two of my friends told me I have to read them. And from the first book, I knew I was in love.


♦Who are your most owned favorite authors?

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