I CAN’T SLEEP! Book Recommendations for an All-Nighter

I couldn’t sleep last night. I lay in my bed awake at 3am and I was thinking “What do I do now?” I was awake, and no matter what I did and tried, I wouldn’t fall asleep. So I decided what I need right now, is a good book. So here’s a list of five books that would be happy to pull an all nighter with you.

#1 Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


Carry On is a stand-alone-sequal to Fangirl. It is the fanfic Cath wrote about the Simon Snow books, and it follows Simon Snow and Baz. Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because Carry On is such a flowing book. It flows steadily, and moves in a perfect pace. It doesn’t have twists and turns that you have to be super focused to understand. It is funny and lovely like every Rainbow Rowell book, and it just warms your heart. After finishing this book, you’re guarnteed to have a good night sleep.

#2 Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella in a future in which there are cyborgs. Yes, you read right, cyborgs. Our Cinder happens to be a cyborg herself, and things flow from there. You know the original Cinderella story? Yeah, that’s about that. Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because this book is such a fun and intriguing read. The characters are to fall in love with super fast and the story is so good you don’t want to put it down!

#3 Winger by Andrew Smith


Winger is the story of Ryan Dean, a 14 year old Junior in high school. Sounds funny, right? Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Well we already agreed this book sounds funny, now let me promise you it is funny. It runs fast but not too fast, and it amazes you with how good it is.

#4 Anna and the French Kiss by Stepahnie Perkins


Anna and the French Kiss is the the usual love contemporery story. Girl moves to France, Girl meets Boy, Girl and Boy fall in love. Or do they? Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because even though this book is pretty usual, it is so happy. You read it and you just find yourself sitting and smiling all the time. It is fast paced and the characters in it are so lovable. You can’t read this book and not be extremely happy. (Also, this book is great for reading slumps. But that’s a different post…)

#5 I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


I Am Number Four follows aliens and that’s all you need to know. I do believe this book is best going into it blind. Anyways… Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Simply because it is so fast paced and addicting, you won’t want to put it down even when you finally get tired, you’ll keep on reading. It is not really a fun book, but it is fun to read because it is just. so. good.

♦What books do you read when you can’t sleep?

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