Favorite Book Covers (Or: How I Do Judge a Book by its Cover)

Book Covers have always interested me. How do they chose the design? Did the person that designed the book cover actually have to read the book?

Let me tell you something about me: I judge books by their covers. All. The. Time. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that a book HAS to have a pretty cover for me to buy it or read it. It means the cover has to match the description and the theme of the book. If I get the same vibe from the book and the cover, it means the cover designer did an A+ job on it.

So here are some of my all time favorite covers (again, not necessarily pretty covers, but just covers I felt were right.)

#1 A Darker Shade of Magic


A Darker Shade of Magic has an awesome cover. In fact, the entire trilogy has awesome covers. Not just because I think both the UK and the US edition are extremely beautiful, but also because I feel like they capture the feeling of the book so well, and like they match every story and every character they’re based on perfectly.

#2 Furthermore


Where do I even begin with this cover??? It is perfect! It doesn’t just match the book, with all the quirkiness of it, it is also so so so beautiful. There are so many details in this cover, it basically tells the story all by itself!

#3 Space Case


I don’t know even how to begin to describe what I like about this cover. The story itself is about a murederer astronaut (well, sort of), so of course the cover is matching. But what I like about this one is how simple the design is, yet how much it catches the eye instantly.

#4 And my favorite book cover of all time (drum roll please)…… 100 Sideways Miles!


This book has the best cover. It tells the story without throwing too much details on the reader, it captures the eye, but only those who actually read the book will understand how complex this cover is. For me, I feel like this cover gives us details about both the story and the main character’s “vibe”. I just love this cover so much!


What is your favorite book cover?

One thought on “Favorite Book Covers (Or: How I Do Judge a Book by its Cover)

  1. Amir says:

    Book covers are usually designed by cover-artists selected by either the publishing house or the book Editor (with the Author’s input usually given).
    Cover artists are usually given a small but important part of the book to read and use as an inspiration for the cover. usually, the Editor and Author will have input during the design period, and will make comments or recommendations for improvement. They also usually (but not always) have the right of final authorization for the finished covers.


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