Favorite Books of 2017!

As 2017 is coming to a close, it’s time to summarize it. And what’s a better way to summarize a year than by summarizing the books you read?

I’ll admit, for me, 2017 wasn’t the best reading year. Dealing with a lot of personal issues, I didn’t read as much as I would like to, and I didn’t like as many books as I would have liked.

So I’m not gonna present to you my top 17 favorite books of the year, as much as I would like to, I’ll just give you a little peak into what my reading year has been like with these next four books.

4. The Last Star by Rick Yancey

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The Last Star must be the most YA book I read this year, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t make a big impact on me. I’ve been reading The Fifth Wave trilogy since it first came out in Israel – I think back in 2014. I read it with one of my best friends and it became a book I absolutely loved and would not stop thinking about. So when I finally got my hands on the last book in the trilogy (unfortunately translated to hebrew), I got into reading it the second I arrived back home. And boy o’ boy was this book good. It was so action packed, while also being packed with conspiracies and theories. I will admit, I’ve been theorizing about this book ever since it was announced. The book left me thinking every night before bed, and made me wonder about so many things in the series that I didn’t imagine would ever happen. And, of course, this book made me cry. A lot.

I award this book The Most Action Packed Book of the Year award.

3. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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The Hate U Give, or, THUG, is definitely a must read for anybody. In the year of 2017, with everything that’s been happening in the world, especially in the United States and the Black Lives Matter movement, this book was very important. It tells the story of Starr, who witnesses her best friend being killed by a cop. I believe you can imagine where that leads. To be quite honest, most I remember from the book was sitting for three days straight and not putting my kindle down for a second and crying so much and feeling so very proud of Starr by the end of the book. I think this book has changed me and the way I see racism and many political issues, and I hope this book doesn’t get dismissed in the next year, as it is very relevant always.

I award this book The Most Important Book of the Year award.

2. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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(While I am recommending this book, I should say it is not for younger audience at all. This is a very difficult book to read and can be a bit tough to younger readers.) 

Where do I even begin with this book? The Road was probably the last book I read this year and boy did it know how to do its job. At the beginning I was positive I was not gonna like it. It was moving very slow and taking its time progressing, but by the end I was so invested in the story, in the father and son and the harsh, harsh luck the world has brought on them. It’s been about a week since I finished it and it has not left my mind since then. The ending of it brought me to tears so quickly, and I still tear up thinking of it.

I award this book The Most Depressing Book of the (life) Year award.


1. Blood Brothers by Ernst Haffner

Related image

As I am writing this post, my grandmother is sitting next to me. I was looking for a picture of the cover and I remembered how much I loved it when I read it and I just started mumbling “oh god, I love this book so much. I love it so much.” over and over again, because that’s basically what I have to say about this book. I just love it, so, so much. The characters, Willi and Ludwig, are written so realistically you just can’t help but feel for them and hurt with them. The story isn’t too complex, but it does put the characters at many crossroads. You have to think a lot while reading this book. Again, I say, I just love this book. Once you read Blood Brothers, you will never get a break from thinking about it.

I award this book The Best Book of the Year award. 



Sick Days Book Recommendations

For the past few days I’ve been laying in my grandma’s guest room, barely able to move a muscle, super-dead sick.

I caught the flu, and I am too far from home to go back, so I had to settle for going to my grandma (which is super fun, I promise.)

But what do you do when you’re dead sick and not at home? Well, you read.

So here are five books I think would be great for anybody who’s too sick to get out to the sun and breathe some fresh air, or basically, to anyone who is in my current condition.

1. Any Brandon Sanderson Book

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mistborn trilogy‬‏

For the picture I did go with the Mistborn Trilogy, as it is my favorite series Sanderson has written so far, but I think any Brandon Sanderson would be good for someone who feels to sick to do anything. His books are so good you devour them, and they can make you feel better in any situation. Even when you’re laying in bed with a box of tissues beside you!

2. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪the maze runner‬‏

This book is one of my favorites, as you all know. But I think it’s really good for a sick day because it is so easy to read. It is quick paced, and I’ll be honest, you don’t have to give much thought for the first book. You can read it very quickly and without even noticing, you’re already healthy and done with the whole trilogy.

3. The Martian by Andy Weir

תמונה קשורה

I love The Martian. Everyone who knows me, knows it’s my all time favorite book. I’ll admit, you do need to be a little sober for this book, so if you’re way too sick to concentrate on the science sad this book might not be the best for you, but on the other hand, it is so funny and thrilling, you can be in any condition and still enjoy the book.

4. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Red Rising‬‏

The reason I think this book is good for a sick day is because it is super hard to get into this book. You need to take time when you read this book, and really get into it. You need to give it a chance. And when is a better time to take time to get into a book than when you’re dead sick and have nothing else to do?

5. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪fangirl rainbow rowell‬‏

When I’m sick, it tends to also make me sad. And Fangirl is the happiest book I know. It warms your heart, and it makes you happy. You can be sick, but you just can’t be sad while reading this book.


These are some books I think are super fun to read when you’re sick like I am this week. I hope you guys take time and try reading these. And I hope, if any of you are sick, that you’ll get well soon!


A Special Book Recommendation…

As you know, I recently visited England, specifically Wales. At the end of the vacation in Wales, I left my family for a night to spend it with my best friends: Izzy and Hannah.
Me, Izzy and Hannah have been friends for years now, but I have only met Hannah before. Now that I got to meet Izzy, I got to learn about her love for books and how similar our taste in books is. So Iz, these are a few books (or a specific author, if you’d like) that really make me think of you.


Those of you who have been reading my blog for long enough know about my love for Andrew Smith, and you now might be wondering why his books make me think of Izzy.

Iz is a very funny person, first of all (which is something she and Andrew Smith books have in common…) and she is kind of quirky. Andrew Smith himself is a very quirky author. His books are always weird in some way, but they’re always relateable. They also have very good representation of the LGBTQ+ community, which I think would make Iz happy as she is a lesbian.

Iz, the specific book I recommend to you is 100 Sideways Miles. It’s one of my favorite books in the world and I am connected to it in so many ways. It’s such a funny and strange book and it reminds me of you in it’s weirdness (in a good way oc).

Anyway, this was a short and shitty recommendation post inspired by one of my best friends. Love you.


Traveling and Books

Next month and the first parts of August are gonna be all about traveling for me. At the end of July I am going to Barcelona with my friends, and as soon as I get back I am flying to Wales with my family. The biggest debate when traveling, especially abroad, is what book to take with you. So I made a list of 4 books, one for each genre, that I would take with me traveling. 

Fantasy: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger is a great book to take traveling because it is about traveling. It’s also a very fun book to read. It’s not so addicting that you feel like you can’t put it down, so it doesn’t bother your traveling, but it progresses in a steady enough way for you to both enjoy the book and the trip. 

Contemporary: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson 

Since You’ve Been Gone is the best for a fun and spontaneous trip. It’s fun and spontaneous itself, and it’s really exciting. It makes you wanna go out and do things, which is exactly what you need when you’re traveling. 

Dystopian: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven is great for traveling because it’s also a book about traveling. Not only traveling, but road tripping. It’s so fun to read while on a road trip because it’s exciting and you don’t have to concentrate too much on the book, you just get to enjoy both the road and the reading. 

Science Fiction: The Next Together by Lauren James

The Next Together is a very special book as it is about time travel, and danger and people breaking the law. It is perfect for a long flight to another country. It is fast paced and a bit addicting, but not too much, and is very easy to read. 

(Yes, my cat, Nox, is featured in all the pictures for I will miss him very much while traveling and I felt it fitting.)

I CAN’T SLEEP! Book Recommendations for an All-Nighter

I couldn’t sleep last night. I lay in my bed awake at 3am and I was thinking “What do I do now?” I was awake, and no matter what I did and tried, I wouldn’t fall asleep. So I decided what I need right now, is a good book. So here’s a list of five books that would be happy to pull an all nighter with you.

#1 Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


Carry On is a stand-alone-sequal to Fangirl. It is the fanfic Cath wrote about the Simon Snow books, and it follows Simon Snow and Baz. Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because Carry On is such a flowing book. It flows steadily, and moves in a perfect pace. It doesn’t have twists and turns that you have to be super focused to understand. It is funny and lovely like every Rainbow Rowell book, and it just warms your heart. After finishing this book, you’re guarnteed to have a good night sleep.

#2 Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella in a future in which there are cyborgs. Yes, you read right, cyborgs. Our Cinder happens to be a cyborg herself, and things flow from there. You know the original Cinderella story? Yeah, that’s about that. Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because this book is such a fun and intriguing read. The characters are to fall in love with super fast and the story is so good you don’t want to put it down!

#3 Winger by Andrew Smith


Winger is the story of Ryan Dean, a 14 year old Junior in high school. Sounds funny, right? Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Well we already agreed this book sounds funny, now let me promise you it is funny. It runs fast but not too fast, and it amazes you with how good it is.

#4 Anna and the French Kiss by Stepahnie Perkins


Anna and the French Kiss is the the usual love contemporery story. Girl moves to France, Girl meets Boy, Girl and Boy fall in love. Or do they? Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Because even though this book is pretty usual, it is so happy. You read it and you just find yourself sitting and smiling all the time. It is fast paced and the characters in it are so lovable. You can’t read this book and not be extremely happy. (Also, this book is great for reading slumps. But that’s a different post…)

#5 I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


I Am Number Four follows aliens and that’s all you need to know. I do believe this book is best going into it blind. Anyways… Why do I think this would be a perfect book for an All-Nighter? Simply because it is so fast paced and addicting, you won’t want to put it down even when you finally get tired, you’ll keep on reading. It is not really a fun book, but it is fun to read because it is just. so. good.

♦What books do you read when you can’t sleep?

Author Recommendation: Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith is one of my All-Time-Favorite authors. He’s an auto-buy author for me. I read three of his books so far, Winger, which was my favorite book of 2016, Stand Off, and 100 Sideways Miles, and I am currently eagerly waiting for Grasshopper Jungle to arrive in the mail.

So why do I think you should read Andrew Smith books?

He is such a funny author in my opinion. His books never fail to put a smile on my face (as you can see in the picture above…) His books are smart and sofisticated, and often talk about very important subjects (such as physical disability in 100 Sideways Miles and sexuality in Winger). He isn’t afraid to put his opinion in his books about any subject.

I’ll admit he lacks some creativity in writing women. His women are written very similarly in the books I’ve read so far, but each of them has, in the end, something special of her own.

Even though his books often talk about those big subjects, you can read them enjoyably without thinking too much and quickly, without noticing, finish the book.

♦Have you read anything by Andrew Smith?

Reading Slumps!

Reading slumps- every person who can call themselves a reader has been through one. That feeling, when every book you open is just not the one.

I, myself, have been through billions of reading slumps. every now and then, even now, I get the feeling that the book I’m reading is just not the one I’m really looking for, and that I need to read a different book. But then I open a different book and it’s still not the one I am looking for. So what do I do?

I have my five go-to books that save me whenever I’m in a reading slump. Now, every person looks for something else while in a reading slump, but I think these five books could get anybody out of any reading slump.


#1 – The Martian by Andy Weir

Not only is The Martian my favorite book ever, it got me out of my first reading slump ever. The book is very fast paced, which is what I think everybody needs while in a reading slump. But it’s not only fast paced. It has hilarious main characters, very interesting plot, and halfway through the book I guarantee you’ll find yourself turning page after page in anticipation of what will happen next.

#2 – Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Illuminae is a different story. It is fast paced like The Martian, with funny characters and great plot. But that’s not the deal about this book. This book, it’s written in files, adding pictures, interviews, case files, all through the book, which makes the book very easy and fun to read. I remember sitting, amazed by the way the book was written, unable to put it down. It’s a very big book, true, but it’s read so quickly and so nicely, you don’t even notice that you got to page 405 in half an hour.

#3 – Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

I don’t know what the thing is about Labyrinth Lost. To be honest, I didn’t think the book was THAT mind blowing. But when you’re in a reading slump, all you’re looking for is an easy book to read. Something with a simple writing, something with fun characters and fun plot. And that is exactly what Labyrinth Lost gives you. The story is fast paced and funny, and you can put it down if you want to, but you find yourself in a place where you just don’t want to.

#4 – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is something special. As you can see it’s the only contemporery on my list. Not because I don’t think contemporeries aren’t good for reading slumps, but simply because I don’t read that many. But Fangirl sucked me into it. It was around the time I was diagnosed with anxiety and I could not read, no matter what you got me. But then Fangirl arrived and I found myself falling in love with reading all over again. It’s thelove stry, and the characters, and the friendship and I can’t even describe how happy this book could make you.

#5 – The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Where do I even begin with The Maze Runner? It was the book that got me into reading, first of all, so of course I believe it’s perfect for reading slumps. If a book gets someone into reading once, it will definitely get them back into reading as well. The book is filled with characters big and small, so many of them that sometimes you can’t wrap your head around who’s who, and the story is so fast paced that you just blink and suddenly you’re at the last paced without even noticing.


I guarantee, any of these books could get you out of the worst reading slump ever imagined.